Why invest in an overhauled TRUMPF machine? The value of in-house production


The market of sheet metal machinery has vastly expanded in recent years with new technology, new designs and multiple brands of machinery to meet your needs.

This article focuses on the customer journey you may take and the questions you may encounter, how Severn can help and what really is the benefit of in-house production?

The customer journey…

  • PRICE – So, the first question you ask is the price? How much can i afford to spend on a laser cutting, punch or pressbrake machine?
  • MARKET RESEARCH – Next a little bit of research goes into what do i actually need this machine to do. For example, you have decided that your company needs to invest in a laser cutting machine.
  • REQUIREMENTS – Your new laser cutting machine must be quick as you want a fast turnaround, you only need it to cut thin material so the laser power doesn’t have to be too high.
  • DECISION – From your research you’ve found 3 brands you could potentially buy a machine from – a top market brand, middle market and low market. You would love to purchase a machine from the top market – however, your budget just can’t quite reach to the £££ of those machines.

This is where the idea of refurbished/overhauled machines comes in to play. The benefits of buying a refurbished machine can far outweigh the weaknesses…

Here at Severn we are the only certified partner of TRUMPF – all of our engineers are trained by TRUMPF to give you the peace of mind that when you purchase a machine from us it is pretty much as good as new.

There are a variety of machines you can choose from which could open up a door of opportunities for future growth for your manufacturing business.

With purchasing a refurbished TRUMPF machine from Severn your company can begin to utilize the benefits of in-house production.

So what are the benefits of ‘In-House production’?

  1. Flexibility – a customer enquiry involves an innovative idea or a complex process.
  2. Quality Improvement – gives you the ability to learn and develop from each job, with the ability of immediate feedback you can control the quality of each product.
  3. Production control – In-house manufacturing can help you to to keep track of variances and problems in production allowing you to fix the issues in a timely manner which can help with costs, quality and time.
  4. Cost tracking – From the outset, outsourcing can seem the most financially viable option initially. However, continuously relying on this can cost big money. Through in-house production you can track each part of the manufacturing process to give you a better understanding of the process.
  5. Knowledge protection – Through outsourcing your product to a third-party company it can give your competitors an opportunity to discover your technology and developmental process. By manufacturing your products in house you can keep your knowledge YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

– Inora (2017)

The advantages are clear for the benefits of in-house production, although there are many understandable benefits to outsourcing your work to subcontractors (such as factory space, affordability etc) the apparent advantages of in-house production can vastly outweigh them. Ensuring the quality of your products are guaranteed and level, fast delivery times, appealing to demanding and complex jobs, keeping a grip on flexibility, the ability to work more efficiently, having customer-orientated production as well as having an efficient layout and flow through your factory. These can all be achieved with a refurbished TRUMPF machine from Severn.

So whether you are looking for a TRUMPF Laser, Punch or Pressbrake, or even nitrogen generation or deburring machine? Severn can offer you the whole package when sourcing your machines for in-house production. Please see below our current available stock:

Laser Cutting Machines:

  • 2001 – TRUMPF TRUMATIC L 3030 4kW – Ref: S0002
  • 2003 – TRUMPF TRUMATIC L 3050 5 kW – Ref: S4435
  • 2008 – TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 5 kW – Ref: LM-1626
  • 2011 – TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 5 kW – Ref: LM-1627

Punching Machines:

  • 2007 – TRUMPF TruPunch 5000 – Ref: 4600
  • 2004 – TRUMPF TRUMATIC 3000R – Ref: 4601
  • 2001- TRUMPF TRUMATIC 5000R – S0083
  • 2013 – TRUMPF TruPunch 3000 – S0212

Punch-Laser Combination:

  • 1999 – TRUMPF TRUMATIC 600L – Ref: 4565


  • 2007 – TRUMPF TruBend 5085X – Ref: PM-1242
  • 2008 – TRUMPF TruBend 5230 – Ref PM-1243

Laser Cutting Tube:

  • 2011 – TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 5000 – Ref: LM-1638

To see our full list of available machines. Visit www.severnmachines.co.uk


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