High productivity for sheet metal fabrication comes with the TC5000R. Currently, we have a 2001 TC5000R in stock at our workshop in Bishop’s Frome. The high-tech machine combines innovation and practice based solutions for sheet metal fabrication.

TC 5000 1

Enormous productivity due to high acceleration

This has been achieved by weight-reduced components. For example, weight-optimized coordinate guide and lighter tool cartridges. A special feature is the gantry drive of the Y axis: 2 separate motors with a high degree of efficiency and synchronized without mechanical connection, thus ensures highly dynamic acceleration and high traversing speeds even in the Y axis.

TC 5000

Fast Tool Change 

During tool change, the punch, stripper and die are monitored by sensors. A tool change takes less than 3 seconds to complete and just 0.7 second with multitool.

Quick Setup

The linear magazine, into which the tools can be comfortably loaded is optimized by the addition of a central tool clamp that functions at the touch of a button! For setup, all tools are automatically released and then centrally clamped again after the setup is complete.

Punching and Forming

The TRUMATIC 5000 ROTATION achieves a stroke rate of up to 1200 strokes/min, and also 2800 strokes/min during marking operation.

The acceleration and speed of the C axis are also increased, enabling quick contouring and tapping. Even thin sheets with narrow air gaps can be precisely and safely machined thanks to the very limited play of the C axis. Stroke travel and punching force are automatically adjusted by the control depending on the tool, sheet metal thickness and material. Which in turn, makes the machining fast and process-safe.

Weight and Acceleration:

The TRUMATIC 5000 ROTATION have been radically weight-optimized. The newly developed coordinate guide features individual carriages connected by a linear guide. The weight savings attained, together with the huge degree of rigidity enable high rates of acceleration without any loss of accuracy.

The intelligent control ensures that the optimal acceleration values can be attained at every stage of machining. Actual sheet weight, the number of clamps and tool cartridges are automatically calculated and translated into optimal acceleration values by the control. Thus meaning, that the acceleration increases as machining progresses.


tc 5000 5

Open control for more comfort

The TRUMATIC 5000 ROTATION is exceptionally easy to operate.

  • Machining can be started in just a few steps
  • The diagnostics concept provides visual depictions of any function faults.


  •  Generate and import drawings
  • programmingAutomatic generation of NC programme.
  • Sheet layout and automatic machining definition




Technical Data:

technical data

To make an enquiry about this machine please email, or call 01885 485838. Alternatively, visit our website


Images – TRUMPF UK.

Information taken from TRUMPF TRUMATIC 5000 Rotation Brochure (2003)

Take a look at our partner companies video of a TC 5000R IN ACTION

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