Claind Nitrogen Generators – Why we recommend them for your overhauled TRUMPF machinery



Nitrogen Generators have a multitude of benefits for a variety of industries, specifically for companies using laser cutting machinery. Investing in them can save you money, save you time, give you continuous operation and will end up being self-financing.

What are Nitrogen Generators used for?

Using nitrogen allows for your machine to get the fastest, cleanest cut from your materials. A generator allows you to have the purest level of nitrogen on your site without the need to outsource gas or have your machine down.

How does it work?

Laser gas guide.jpg
Nitrogen vs. Oxygen as an assist gas

Most lasers use an assist gas for cutting. As shown in the above diagram the assist gas flows through the laser head and out the cutting nozzle with the laser beam to achieve a cleaner cut.

The material is melted solely by the laser power and blown out of the kerf by the kinetic energy of the gas jet.

Why use nitrogen as the assist gas?


Cutting with nitrogen gas produces no oxide edge. It contributes to helping your machine run quickly, produce clean cuts and eliminates the need for oxide removal.

Metal fabricators tend to be more comfortable with a 99.9% purity level. However, Nitrogen generation systems can be dialled into specified purity levels. So, a metal fabricator could use a Nitrogen purity level of 95% to cut thin stock but later adjust it to 99% for more demanding jobs.

What Nitrogen Generators do we offer?

We trust Claind. Claind is an Italian company with over 30 years experience in the creation 0f Nitrogen Generators. They have over 3000 customers and have conducted 20,000 installations worldwide with customers in the analysis laboratory industry, food and beverage and laser cutting companies.

They offer:

  • Advanced technology tailored to high purities
  • Compliance with the technical requirements of the world’s top manufacturers of laser cutting machines
  • Advanced control system
  • A highly compact layout
  • No hidden costs

The systems make use of Pressure Swing Absorption Technology (PSA) which makes it possible to obtain extremely pure nitrogen (up to 99.9995% at a very moderate cost). PSA is a very favourable alternative in comparison to Membrane Technology which delivers 99.9% or less. PSA can also achieve higher flow rates which are good for cutting thick material.

What does a PSA system look like?


A PSA system comprises of 2 absorption chambers, a nitrogen storage tank, and several valves to maintain the appropriate pressure.

How does it work?

  1. A carbon molecular sieve in one of the absorption chambers removes oxygen molecules when the air is sent through it, allowing the nitrogen stream to exit the absorption chamber and makes its way to the storage tank.
  2. A cyclic action of valves opening and closing in the absorption chambers keeps the nitrogen stream consistently moving and the absorbed oxygen regularly released back into the atmosphere.

What types of machine do you have to offer?

At Severn, we offer two variations of Claind Nitrogen Generators – Laser Gas and Laser Guide.

Laser Guide

Laser guide 6.jpg

A laser guide can support your business by running independently for 24 hours a day without stopping. The machine is installed with an oxygen analyser as standard to guarantee high-quality gas output and in the event of any anomalies, the machines will emit an audible alarm.

Laser Gas

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 08.27.34.pngHas the ability to supply several cutting machines concurrently with no risk of production downtime. The nitrogen it produces is free from oil and contamination to ensure that the laser cutting machines will function perfectly and constantly. Unlike any other Nitrogen Generators, these units do not require bulky and unreliable external compressors as it has a completely integrated system.

Due to its compact size the Laser Gas machines can be stored conveniently in your facility. The on-board oxygen analyzer guarantees purity of the gas produced at any time giving you reassurance. The laser gas generator has the most efficiency compared with any other product in the market.

The unit can also be equipped with optional customisations  such as the ‘Night-time option’ which allows the system to be started and stopped at set times from a remote PC to help save on your electricity consumption.

We have a variety of nitrogen generators available from Claind on our website. If you would like more information visit or call us on 01885 485838.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 08.38.53.png


Severn Machines Ltd






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