Sheet Metal Forum 2017


Severn Machines joined a host of industry leading experts in the UK’s first sheet metal forum.The event organised by Lissmac, Wilson Tool, TRUMPF, SafanDarley, Voortman Steel Group and ourselves which was held at Wilson Tool in Swindon.

The event comprised of 5 workshops, demonstrations, a Wilson Tool plant tour and ran for two days. The purely educational event focused on new and future technologies in the sheet metal industry and where the industry experts believed their technologies were heading.


The day’s agenda


Lissmac began the seminars with their talk on ‘Deburring- a quality characteristic’. Sales Director, Robert Dimmler discussed the idea that the industry has a requirement to steadily increase quality standards, in turn, corrosion prevention has become a key necessity for the metal fabrication industry. Grinding and deburring becomes an ever increasing quality to meet the new standard requirements.



Wilson Tool presenter, Simon Lewinski discussed the idea of ‘Be limited by your imagination, not your tools’. He discussed the new future of tooling and how you can update your machinery to fulfil your customer’s varied requirements. The idea that you can use your punch-press to bend components and produce hems, or that you can produce louvres, extrusions and other forms on your press brake. The vast variety of tooling now available can maximise your company’s productivity and profitability.



Ivo Gasner from TRUMPF then discussed ‘The power of choice in laser processing’. He focused particularly of the versatility of lasers and their use in a variety of industries. The seminar followed how different companies do not necessarily need the highest power laser but should focus on the in between technology to best suit their needs. The overarching idea really focused on ‘Industry 4.0’, he discussed the idea of portable control on your machines and the development of smart technology.



Product Manager, Joey Schruer from Voortman discussed the ‘Future and current improvements in plasma cutting technology’. Particularly focusing on smarter cutting paths and new types of consumables to decrease your cutting costs with plasma technology.



SafanDarley speaker Paul Hillam, Sales Manager discussed the concept of ‘How to improve your press brake productivity‘. He echoed TRUMPF’s focus on Industry 4.0 with the introduction of their new technology such as their augmented reality glasses to help increase quality and productivity.



The day finished off with a panel discussion on the topic of the future of automation and a factory tour with demonstrations from the Lissmac machines. The panel discussed the change from slower machines and the ability of your employees to keep up with them to now the ever-changing, advancement in technology which has moved to faster machines and the inability for your workers to keep up with them – which turns to the idea of automation and how it can help your business progress. Questions from end-users were discussed. Topics such as:

  • Assuring your staff that automation is to aid, and not to replace.
  • Faster productivity, equating to a more profitable business.
  • Increasing health and safety assurance within your workshop.
  • Reliability and productivity of your machine with automation.


This event was the first of its kind, providing purely educational content for end-users about the sheet metal industry. If you think this is something you would be interested in attending in the future please contact us on

For information on our available machines and services visit

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