Dust Extraction- How important is it?

Laser machines have quickly become some of the most sought-after machinery in the sheet metal industry. Laser cutting has developed into the most efficient way for companies to increase the quality and productivity of their products.

BUT… you could be putting your employees lives at risk by not using a dust extraction system or improper care of your system.



What is it?

In virtually all operations of a laser; fumes are given off as the laser thermally cuts, marks, engraves or weld’s the material.  The machine outputs a harmful orange coloured dust which pollutes the air, infects the surrounding factory and can be a cause of fire due to its highly flammable form.

This dust is highly dangerous for your employees as the damaging result can cause lung cancer over a prolonged period of time.


The dust contains particles of metal which the human body cannot break down. However, the dust extraction system will filter the particles out and release non-toxic air, safe for your employees to work in.

Effective air purification is vital to ensure the health of your employees and visiting customers is as safe as it can be. At Severn we offer:

  • Fully tailor made servicing packages to suit your needs
  • Spare parts – from new gaskets to sets of dust filters
  • Replacement extraction systems
  • specialist systems to extract non-metal materials

Time to act!

Here at Severn, we have been servicing dust extractors on TRUMPF machines for the past 10 years! We can offer you a simple check over solution whether it’s a Herding, Handte or Keller unit. Our services also fall in line with industry COSHH regulations.


Our service to do list:

  1. Complete filter removal and clean of unit
  2. Purging/cleaning system test
  3. Check all gaskets and seals
  4. Spark trap and inlet apertures cleaned
  5. Differential pressure check internally and externally

By carrying out these maintenance checks yearly you can ensure the longevity of your filter elements. As your machine cuts it will attack the filter element, so the longer it sits on the filter the shorter its life will be.

To book your dust extractor system service contact Severn Machines Ltd (01885 48 58 38) at info@severmanchines.co.uk or visit our website www.severnmachines.co.uk

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