Buying a used CNC machine: What questions to ask when looking for a machine?

CNC machines offer a vast advantage to manual machines when it comes to effective production in the manufacturing industry. You can be certain that the following advantages are guaranteed:

  • Consistency of pieces produced
  • Better cycle time as production is vastly increased
  • Lowered skill level of machinist (However, it is necessary to have the correct training for running the CNC machinery)
  • Complexity and precision of products being produced

Essentially when purchasing a used CNC machine a lot of research has be conducted in order for your business to make good quality products with the fastest turnaround for the lowest price. Similarly, its like a buying a used car as opposed to a new car, cheaper initially however, it may cause bigger financial implications in the long run BUT do your research and you could be quids in!


What research to conduct when finding the best machine for your business?

  1. Production speed – Will this machine meet the product demands my business needs?  This is possibly the most IMPORTANT question you need to ask as slower production speed can cost you and your business a lot of time and money. Research this thoroughly.
  2. Maintenance – Will this machine require a lot of maintenance and spare parts? It can be costly and detrimental to your business if your machine goes down at peak times or if the parts you require cost lots of £££££. It is also, necessary to think about the age of the machine, age contributes to how long your machine will be running for in the long term. Older machines will often require a lot of maintenance and parts can be expensive. However, if you can get a hold of the history of the machine it will give you the correct information on whether or not it will suit the requirements of your business. It is also imperative to ask how many hours the machine has logged? Kind of similar to the mileage clocked on a used car. Think how many hours you need out of the machine – do you require 10 hours a day 7 days a week OR 10 hours a month?
  3. Work materials – What type of materials do you need this machine to work on? Even if the machine is used infrequently, the type of material can have various damaging effects. E.g. Materials such as cast iron are harder on a machine and will cause greater wear to it, opposed to lighter materials such as aluminium, take into account the history of the material used on the machine and the material you will be using.

By conducting this research you should have a good starting base for what type of machine to purchase. If you are thinking of purchasing a used TRUMPF machine TRUST Severn to help guide you in the right direction and find a machine that suits the needs of your business.

If you are looking for a brand of machinery with a long term goal in mind TRUMPF is the brand for you. Established in 1974 the company are the world leaders in sheet metal fabrication machinery and industrial lasers. In March 2014, they celebrated 40 years in the business. If you are thinking of investing in a CNC machine to help grow your business in 2017, a used TRUMPF machine is the way to go. Have a look on our website  or call +44 (0)1885 485838  and a member of our team would be happy to help with your enquiry.


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